Tuesday, March 24, 2009

OPath ported for Java object model

I have been thinking about alternate uses of OPath I created for EVars plug-in. And it occurred to me that I can very well use it for my unit testing (which involves pretty complex insurance object model) and for things like JSPs where I really hate to write ten lines of Java code just to display some value.

So I wrote a port of OPath for Java object model (less than 200 lines of real code). Following example should explain how it can add some value to your development efforts:

Consider an example of code for simple Accessible Swing Table :

If you are writing a UI test to see specific table's column heading, you just write following

Collection<Object> findAll = OPathReflectiveInterpreter.findAll(frame, "//dataModel//@val\\$column.*");
assertEquals("First Name",((Object[])findAll.toArray()[0])[0]);

This is very trivial test, of course. But it is sufficient to express the power of OPath micro-scripting.

If you like to try it out for unit-testing or templating check-out the download here (You will also need opath.jar).

Disclaimer: This is experimental work at best, it might be slow and it might have bugs at this time.

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