Friday, December 05, 2008

Introducing PyConsole!

I have been pretty inactive this year, unlike what I planned (yawn, haven't heard from DLTK since June either) . I started learning Python earlier this year and felt the need of an embedded python shell inside Eclipse. This was something PyDev is missing [Edit: Simone pointed out that PyDev already has this neat feature, I was late to discover it] as compared to other python tools in Linux such as Eric. So I decided to write one.

PyConsole is direct result of my irregular and intermittent Eclipse development (lately), it's very simple plug-in with a basic exploit of Eclipse Console View and manages two way synchronized I/O from the python interpreter process controlled by a background Eclipse job. It provides few basic features anyone might expect from a shell such as syntax highlighting, command history etc.

Here's the code repository if anyone would like to check it out. If you have suggestions or feedback please write to me or create a bug.