I am opinionated, difficult to impress but harmless software developer and not a writer (at all! caveat emptor). I live in Toronto and work for CodePurls Software Inc. My work experience ranges from building technology intensive MVPs for small to medium sized companies to large scale SOA based enterprise applications for Fortune 100 companies in variety of business domains. I enjoy solving real life problems with my skills in taming turing machines, these days I'm solving problems for organizations who need to deal with storing, searching and analyzing large amount of data ("Big Data"). In past, I've helped create and enhance enterprise applications, Eclipse based developer tools/IDE, high level compilers/code generators as well as building and deploying integration solutions using modern technologies.

Before moving to Toronto, I lived at various places including Cincinnati, Washington DC, Pune, Vadodara and so on. I've a course based Masters degree in Computer Applications from SPU.

This little blog is where I spread my share of brain fodder or something that is bothering me and sometimes just random phrases. You can subscribe to the RSS/Atom Feeds to read and comment whenever I publish something.

In my free time I like to explore computer science stuff that is new or new to me, learn software design techniques as well as contribute to open source software; that helps me being generally aware of new stuff in technology world.

I enjoy history, astronomy, scientific reading, real-time strategy games and hackable electronics. It appears that I've picked up some interest in business and startups which at one point was more than enough (cyclic interest disorder).

I've been an entrepreneur, a permanent employee and a consultant and worked for small shops to NASDAQ 100 companies in custom built search engines, social media analytics, ad targeting, wealth management, commercial insurance and CRM/PLM domains.

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You can email me at: nirav.thaker@gmail.com.

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