Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back to Enterprise Apps

It's been quite sometime that I worked with Eclipse and developed RCP apps and Plug-ins leveraging several *highly* interesting Eclipse projects. The more I work with Eclipse more it attracts.

But the time had it and I've to move back with traditional Enterprise Application stuff. I tried hard to be in Eco-system, but I guess I was out of luck. If you ever happen to be JEE developer you know how different feeling it is to code for Eclipse. Eclipse is fun :), Now, that I agree with chris on his views about web development, It's time for a conformity rant: Web application development sucks big time. Ok, I'm done.

Now that I'm back into the Enterprise app. dev. environment where, apparently, I'll wait months and months for Web Logic (or WebSphere w/e. all of them are bad) to start and deploy large-large application with more and more of ugly XML configs than Java code. I would have open war with the BA on requirements that don't make sense. I can't guess what else will happen with me, I've been the part of this nightmare before and It's coming back.

Oh Eclipse, I'm missing you already :(.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Undo Closetab feature for Eclipse editor tabs

One of the things I love about FireFox is it's nice feature of 'undoing' the close tab. If you work with too many tabs you know how cool this feature is.

I was wondering how useful this feature would be in Eclipse. I usually work with tens of FileEditors which keep on growing as I work, to limit my efforts fumbling around a large pile of Editors, I always turn on a useful preference from 'Preferences->General->Editors : Close Editors Automatically'. This is not enough, I still have many editors open and unfortunately it's not too hard for me to close useful editors by mistake, Ctrl+Shift+R helps though. Not sure about you but this feature will be a nice one to have for me.