Saturday, September 10, 2005

JVM Optimization

Kudos !!! We've been assigned new project on Performance & Profiling of our product Wallet Service Center. I'm wondering from where to start optimizing, optimize JVM through configuration, optimize Code, optimize AppServer?? Its hardly easier to improve code overnight, so I think i will look into JVM configuration and optimize it. Sun's website is full of performance tips, most of them relate to GC and JIT. It was fun to knew some cool aspects and behavior of JIT (Just In Time) Compiler e.g. Default threshold for method compilation is 1500 executions, What it means is, If a method is called more than 1499 times in HotSpot Client VM, the method will be compiled to native code.

Kewl!! So C++ guys we are ready to outperform. Still Generational GC isn't clear to me, I think I should read more about it. Now that I have the book of Jack Shirazi on performance tuning, I'll be doing something better. I'm happy as I've got the work that I like!!