Friday, August 24, 2007

Undo Closetab feature for Eclipse editor tabs

One of the things I love about FireFox is it's nice feature of 'undoing' the close tab. If you work with too many tabs you know how cool this feature is.

I was wondering how useful this feature would be in Eclipse. I usually work with tens of FileEditors which keep on growing as I work, to limit my efforts fumbling around a large pile of Editors, I always turn on a useful preference from 'Preferences->General->Editors : Close Editors Automatically'. This is not enough, I still have many editors open and unfortunately it's not too hard for me to close useful editors by mistake, Ctrl+Shift+R helps though. Not sure about you but this feature will be a nice one to have for me.


Benjamin Muskalla said...

In my eyes this is a little but cool feature - as in Firefox. I really think it's worth a bug report. Could you post the bug id here? Thanks

Partha said...

Hi Nirav,

There's a way to undo the closed tabs.
From the eclipse toolbar you can select the right and left arrow (yellow) buttons to undo the last closed editors. Infact it is open last edited locations.

Hope this helps

Nirav Thaker said...

Thanks, I totally missed that :). I rarely use mouse, and I know navigation keys works wonder!!